Our Story

It was the year 2005 when our lives changed for the better as my husband and I welcomed a little four-legged fluff-ball that we named Chester. He was an 8 week old Golden Retriever with cute eyes and big floppy ears. Chester was a very bouncy puppy and loved running around and playing. We gave him store-bought dog biscuits to reward him for good behaviour and as a treat here and then. But soon we noticed that Chester developed bad allergies; he would scratch a lot and his skin would be inflamed. An allergy test recommended by our vet revealed all the foods Chester was allergic to - unfortunately a long list.

That’s when it all changed! We educated ourselves about healthy, nutritious ingredients and foods that will not aggravate Chester’s allergies. We started experimenting in our kitchen with different recipes and created dog treats that Chester loved! As we saw Chester enjoy his dog biscuits and noticed his allergies getting better we decided that we would only give him treats that consisted of naturally wholesome, top quality ingredients. And we believe every dog deserves only the best that is why we started making premium dog biscuits and cookies that are free from everything artificial and are homemade with love.

We have carefully selected all the ingredients and only chosen the finest and most nutritious. After some trial and error and much consideration on which flavours are the most delicious and most yummy we created dog treats that will not only make your dog crave them but will make you feel good about what you feed your best friend and companion. Before adding each treat, cookie, biscuit and cake to our assortment we had them approved by our reliable and very enthusiastic taste tester Chester. Only the best made the cut and are now available for all dogs out there that want to enjoy natural, healthy and flavoursome delicacies every day.