What others say about us

"I love my dogs so much I would never feed them anything that I wouldn’t eat myself."

John from South Croydon

"My dog Alfie loves the Cranberry Biscuits, he cannot get enough! He knows exactly when a new
delivery of his most favourite biscuits arrives and follows me around until I give him one."

Cheryl from Redhill

"Two paws up for these treats! My dogs love them."
Jennifer from Brighton

"It has been hard finding healthy treats for my Coco who can only eat unsalted treats due to her
medical condition. Your all natural treats give me the peace of mind."

Dorothy from Sutton

"Harvey just comes running every time I open the bag of “Cheesy Bites”. He just drools like crazy!"
Teresa from Manchester

"My girlfriend was absolutely delighted when I gave her the Banana Cake for her dog’s birthday.
And her dog couldn’t get enough! She was so happy that I thought of her dog’s birthday. And the
cake was so amazing."
Anthony from Purley

“My 12-week old puppy loves your cheese bites and peanut butter balls. It makes training so much

Heather from Winchester

“I recently bought the honey biscuits and as soon as they arrived, my dog Milly came running to me
begging for a biscuit. I will definitely buy them again.”

Susan from Cheltenham

“My dog started to develop food allergies so my vet advised me not to give him treats that include
certain ingredients and additives. Well, after checking the food labels of most treats in the store I
realised that I cannot give my dog those treats anymore. Thanks to your all-natural biscuits my dog
can enjoy treats again without suffering from allergies – and she loves them!”

Trevor from Plymouth

“Your veggie treats helped my dog lose a few necessary pounds to reach his ideal weight while
still enjoying treats. He loves them and I feel good about giving him the veggie treats.”

Abigail from Margate

“My dog celebrated his birthday this year with your Chicken Cake. He loved it! The delivery was on
time and the cake arrived in perfect condition. Thank you.”

Carol from Carshalton

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